Tasks and activities of our consulting engineering office


Electronically reviewing

the structural designs and re-designing them electronically in line with the integrity of the project using specialized computer programs.


Reviewing the results

of soil analyzes and research (Soil Investigation).


Inventory of quantities

for the project (iron + cement + sand + gravel).


Make an estimate

and an initial cost according to market prices.


Making time schedules

for projects using (Primavera program) for the implementing contractors to follow.


Checking the quality

of foundations by matching them with pallet work (exploratory drilling).


Estimating foundation

costs according to market prices.


Review and determine

the appropriate types of insulation for the foundations.


Conformance of designs

with international specifications (local / US / British code).


Conducting and applying

accounting notes at the highest technical level.


Determine the percentage

of lost iron (Bending List) and provide it for the benefit of the owner.


Balance, correct and check

the center of gravity of the concrete columns with the center of gravity of the structural foundations to increase the life span of the facility in order to avoid prior design errors that cause cracks to appear on the walls and beams of the facility.


Work on the principle

of financial saving of all construction costs for the benefit of the owner in accordance with the safe design of the facility.


Working with the principle

of material saving of quantities of iron, sand and cement for the benefit of the owner using the correct international design principles.


Technical supervision

of the facility and construction site management (some projects).



of materials needed for construction, their compliance with technical specifications, and monitoring of supply works.


Site construction scheduling.


Submission and approval

of shop drawings for the project.


Full management, supervision

and follow-up on the work of the main executing contractors and subcontractors.


Emphasizing the safety

of the facility in the project and implementing safety precautions at the worksite.


Searching for radical solutions

to overcome unexpected construction difficulties.


Determining dates

or modifying each stage of the project to make its time goals successful and match them with the specific budget goals of the project.


Conducting economic

feasibility studies for all projects.


Study and design

of structural projects according to earthquake and wind code.


Dealing with the complaints

of local residents and containing their problems due to the construction of the project if any.


Providing integrated electromechanical

and thermal engineering studies and designs.


Providing integrated

geotechnical engineering studies and designs and exploratory geological excavations for all types of soil, with detailed specialized reports.


Designing all water,

sewage and road projects and schemes, and designing integrated systems for them, by our specialized expert engineers, supported by our previous specialized experience.


Carrying out all the tests

of construction projects and tests of soil, asphalt, concrete, etc., through the specialized laboratory accredited by the Municipality of Jeddah.


Carrying out all survey work

and surveying of all residential sites, plans, etc., and submitting the necessary approved results in this regard.


Preparing reports

of hydrological studies according to approved standards, assessing torrential risks, conducting calculations, analyzes and statistics, designing hydraulic solutions, preparing reports of geological studies, making soil sections and laboratory analyzes on all samples, as well as preparing geographic information systems and hydrologic modeling programs, and preparing maps and models that all studies need.


Preparing geological studies,

studying the interface of the solid earth, its features and the rocks that make up it above and below the surface of the earth. Geophysical techniques, chemical analysis, physical experiments, exploration and exploitation of minerals and hydrocarbons, assessment of water resources, understanding natural hazards, and addressing environmental problems are used. Preparing detailed geological maps to determine the surface range of the ore with conducting geophysical and geochemical surveys and drilling operations necessary to evaluate the ore and exploit it for investment. Provide reports on the components of the earth's crust, studies of mine areas, and studies of fragmentation of rocks.